Juan Jimenez  Colombian American actor, coach, and filmmaker who was perhaps best known for his work as an actor on the television show «Mas Sabe El Diablo» (2009– 2010). Juan has a BAS, with a major in Motion Pictures, and Theatre Arts from the University of Miami. He also won the prize for the best actor, in the delivery number 32 of the Miami Film Festival » Cinema Slam» Juan is the director and founder of The Supernatural Actors Studio and the producer and director of the future film My Most Important Role.


Passionate, Constant, hard worker. , Honest, Creative, Visionary and determine. Watching Juan Jimenez you will see an intense, exciting or very comedic performance.

…His passion for acting transmits it and uses it to bring out the best in one.  Invest in your students designing individual exercises depending on the need of each actor.

Movies not only entertain but also keep people quiet. What am I going to say while they are silent? This is my message!



My Most Important Role is a drama film that is being interpreted, written and directed by Juan Jiménez, who also produces, co-edits and is in charge of the direction of photography. The film will be filmed in a total of 20 years, of which 12 were already filmed.